Council of Catholic Women (CCW)

MISSION STATEMENT:  The Council of Catholic Women acts through its membership to support, empower, and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership, and service. CCW programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world.

What is a Guild?
  A guild is the grass-root parish chapter in the National Council of Catholic Women. It is where the bulk of the CCW mission is carried out.

Who Can Join a Guild?  Any adult woman is welcome to join a guild, regardless of age or marital status.

What's In it for Me?  CCW is a fantastic way to make new friends while making a difference in the parish, community, and world. We rejoice with fellow members in the good times of life, and support and comfort each other in the bad times. You will grow in your spiritual life and experience the satisfaction of following Jesus while carrying out the corporal works of mercy.

Time Committment?  Most guilds meet once a month to pray, discuss the month's activities, and to enjoy the fellowship of the group. The parish work of CCW is divided so that everyone can participate and no one gets "burned out". There are further service opportunities on deanery and diocesan committees for those who are called to do more. You can be involved as much or as little as fits your schedule.

Who Decides the Mission?  All the guilds in the Duluth Diocese operate under the guidance of our Bishop. Each parish guild works independently on its own service promotes. Each guild also works jointly with all the other guilds in the diocese and nation, on world-wide issues.

Influence of CCW?  The National Council of Catholic Women was founded in March, 1920 under the auspices of the U.S. Catholic bishops. Its strength resided in parish-based women who serve the4 poor, the elderly, and the forgotten. It advocates at state and national legislatures. The women of CCW support one another in the various circumstances of their lives and join voices in prayer and worship. More information can be found at

Prayer for an Increase in Members:   
    Dear Lord, we ask your abundant blessings of additional members to serve in our guilds. Through our service we pray that we may demonstrate what it means to live in your love and draw others to an intimate relationship to you with the help of your most Holy Spirit.
    Holy Spirit we pray that you bestow on us your wondrous gifts to help us in your mission to draw souls to Christ and faithfully serve His church. Help us to be fruitful and generous in your humble service.
    Jesus, we ask for these blessings through the intercession of your Most Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Good Counsel.  Amen

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