Construction Update

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Building Update for St. Francis Church.  As you can see, when construction happens, at first you will see huge changes, and then it may seem like very few changes are happening. But that’s only because there are times when the work that’s being done isn’t seen as something like a big hole in the ground! Lots of preparatory work must take place, before you once again see huge changes.

      First as you can see, all the footings and the foundation walls have been built. The elevator shaft is now built. (And it will be a nice big normal elevator!) In the basement, the holes have been cut in the walls to accommodate the new hall entrances, as well as the pass-through window for the kitchen and kitchen door. What used to be the bride’s room is now demolished. Also taken out is the stairwell that was in the northwest entrance to the Church. This is to accommodate the new wider stairs in that same spot. And by the way, we uncovered a treasure trove of items that had been hidden there: books, pictures, and even old wine bottles! We even found the old pass through door that was used in an old kitchen.

      You should be seeing more concrete poured for the basement and office floors. Also, the back parking lot will soon be dug up to be able to put in new drainage systems that are required for a project like ours. That will mean no use of the back lot until the new lot is done. We will help you to know which entrance to use for the office when this happens by way of Mass announcements. And just when you think all the digging is done, on the west side of the project, the digging there is to pour the footings and foundations for the new stairs and permanent ramp that will be located there. That’s it for now. And please know, if you ever have any questions at all, please know you can ask me   anytime!

 ~Fr. Tony