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The Elizabeth Ministry Rosebud Program is available at All Saints and St. Francis parishes. For more information contact:  Mary Lou Moudry at All Saints or Judy Kringen at St. Francis.

The Elizabeth Ministry Rosebud Program “Blessing Bouquet” is a beautifully unique way to show respect for the dignity and worth of all life.

This program helps a church identify, pray for, and support those who are pregnant, celebrating birth or adoption, grieving miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, infant or child death, wanting to become pregnant or adopt.  It can also offer support to grandparent concerns, and those facing troubled times.

The “Elizabeth Ministry Rosebud Program” honors the sacredness of life.
Elizabeth Ministry offers hope and healing to women and their families on issues related to child bearing.

 Silk rosebuds are placed in a basket and set next to a vase with silk baby’s breath flowers. These realistic silk rosebuds each represent a sacred life. A pink rosebud is to honor pregnancy and the unborn baby. A red rosebud celebrates a birth or an adoption.  A yellow rosebud represents prayers requested for those desiring to conceive, suffering infertility or seeking to adopt. A white rosebud remembers a child lost through miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, infant or child death. A purple rosebud represents Grandparent concerns. A blue rosebud represents troubled times.

 Each rosebud has a tag attached with a ribbon. The tag has a place to write information regarding pregnancy, birth, adoption, loss, or waiting to conceive or adopt. People are invited to remove a rosebud from the basket, fill in the attached tag and put the rose in the vase. Prayer cards for the various situations are displayed next to the vase. Those filling out the tags are invited to take a prayer card for their personal meditation. Church members promise to pray for those the rosebuds represent.


Elizabeth Ministry Prayer
      Creator God, I pledge to truly celebrate the gift of each child conceived and born, and fully mourn each miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth and infant or child death. I will be a witness to my belief in the dignity and worth of all life, by honoring sexuality, treasuring the gift of fertility, promoting chaste living, uplifting the sanctity of marriage, helping those struggling with sexual sins, supporting those suffering infertility problems, encouraging those in the adoptive process, and assisting families with prenatal, infant or child crisis, illness or special need. I will be a strong and consistent voice for life in my home, my church, my community, and my world.      Amen.        

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